Happy Bettas Introduction

You will have the most beautiful and most colourful bettas in your tanks. Imagine having the best shaped, most colourful bettas in your tanks. Amaze your friends with pictures of your fish. Using my advices you will take the hassle out of keeping betta fish. You will save time by knowing exactly what to do in whatever situation. Therefore you will be making sure you have the happiest and healthiest bettas around.


It will put a stop to you having sluggish bettas or bettas that are not feeling too good and hiding in the corners of your tank or around the back of the filter. Believe me, when you know what to do, bettas are easy fish to keep. So let me enlighten you with a little secret here… Bettas are easy to keep if you know how to make them happy and stress free.   The problem most have is that 90% of problems that bettas have start from stress. Stress can come from many things which you will learn to avoid with my book. You will learn how to take their stress away so making them healthier, healthier because…

Happy Betta Fish Will Have A Strong Immune System That Fights Offs Disease

All fish carry bacteria around with them and betta’s, some good, some bad, and the thing with bettas seem to carry more than other fish due to the environment they originated, i.e. swampy murky waters of Thailand etc. I will show you how to avoid this sort of disease and show you secrets in keeping their environment bad bacteria free.


In a very serious way, you’ve been lied to by the people that you thought you could trust, by your big-chain pet supply store. These stores have no idea how to care for these beautiful betta fish, and their advice will often kill your betta fish.

I wrote down the questions people asked me, and I decided to answer them all.
To do that, I made this website that has everything you need to know to raise, protect, cure, and even breed betta fish.


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