Frequently Asked Questions about Betta Fish

How long do betta fish live?

They typically live 2-3 years. But it is possible for them to live as long as 5 years.


Can I put two betta males or two betta females together?

Two or more male bettas are not a good ideas – they tend to fight with each other, and not just for fun. They are intent on killing each other. Female bettas can also be aggressive, but  it’s possible for them to learn to coexist. But get at least three of them – that way they will form a pack. If there are only two, there will be keen competition. Bettas do best, however, when housed alone.

Can I put my betta with other fish in the same aquarium?

Yes, as long as the other fish are not aggressive. But each betta is different, so observe carefully and be prepared to remove your betta, if problems come up.

Can I put my betta fish in a bowl?

You can, but your betta won’t be very happy or healthy. Just like humans, they need to exercise so give
them enough room to swim. It’s best to keep them in at least one gallon of water. Two or three gallons would be better.

And if you really want them to have optimal conditions, use a 5 gallon tank. Also, the tank should have a lid – bettas can jump right out of their tank.
The lid needs to allow air flow into the tank, because bettas breathe surface air.


What’s an ideal water temperature for my betta?

Bettas need warm water – between 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit. Get a thermometer for your betta’s tank, to make sure that the temperature stays constant. It should’t vary by more than 2 degrees.


What do bettas eat?

Believe it or not, bettas are carnivores and need high-protein food: flakes, live food, freeze dried, pellets, etc. Make sure you vary your bettavs diet. Otherwise it may become constipated.

Do I need to use filtered water for the tank?

You have to use a conditioner which removes chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia from the water.

How often should I clean the tank?

At least once a week, depending on the tank size.

What plants should I get for the tank?

Whatever plants you get, they have to be soft and delicate enough not to harm betta’s fins.
Use the ‘pantyhose test’: If a plastic plant will snag a pair of pantyhose when rubbed against it, then it will damage your betta’s fins.

Silk aquarium plants are generally ok, although live plants would be a great addition to an
aquarium and help to keep water conditions in the ideal range.


What do I need in my betta’s 1st aid kit?

Here ar some of the items you shuold always have on hand in case of an emergency: aquarium salt,
extra food, extra bottle of water conditioner, bottled spring water if the tank water becomes contaminated,
tetracycline, jungle fungus eliminator, Betta max, Melafix, ph test kit, ammonia test kit and
pepso food.

Is Betta splendens different from betta fish?

No, betta splendens is also known as siamese fighting fish or simply betta fish or just betta.

How can I tell male and female bettas apart?

Male bettas have long, flowing fins and their bodies are often longer than females. Female bettas, although
just as brightly colored, will be smaller and have shorter fins. Also, females have a small white egg tube called  ovipositor that protrudes from underside their body. Females are often more spunky than males and can move around in the tank much faster thanks to their shorter fins.