The Siamese fighting fish lifespan depends on several factors. On average, they can live around 3 years. This is the most common lifespan of the fish. However, they can live longer in certain conditions and with the appropriate care. It depends entirely on their environment and the quality of their life. How long they live is not a set number determined solely on their species. It changes based on the life they live up to their death and the fish itself, as some may die at different ages regardless of previous care.

Before purchasing the fish, its quality of life is something to take into consideration. Exposure to parasites and diseases can shorten their life expectancy. When you purchase from a store or individual that has not cared for them properly, they are at a higher risk of dying earlier. With reputable sellers, however, they can live longer.

Their tank and water should remain clean and suitable for their health. When it comes to Betta fish, clean water should be a top priority. Dirty water, or water that remains in poor condition for too long, can cause damage and significantly reduce the life expectancy. A fish may become ill and die earlier due to poor water condition. Make sure that you clean the tank and change the water regularly to avoid this.

As with any species, diet is very important. The proper diet can help your fish to survive for as long as possible. Choosing a proper fish food for this carnivorous species is a key part to keeping them healthy in general, too. You must make sure that you care for the fish properly and fully, and purchase them from a respectable source, if you want them to live their longest, which is up to 3 years.