This article for plakat bettas and to seperate fact from fiction

Plakats are the wild type male bettas. The males are naturally short finned. I dont know why these bettas have such a bad rep. Alot of fishkeepers will not pick them due to the lack of finnage. This is fine, but i also see alot of people dont want them as they feel plakats are used for only fighting.

This is simply not true. Bettas are bettas. Aggression isnt based on finnage. While yes, traditionally plakats are used for fighting, but that doesnt make them killers. I personally love plakats, and not fancy coloration plakats. I like old school red/blue plakats.

I have alot of them currently but i dont use them for fighting. So what does this mean? that i am the only one who uses plakats not for fighting. Probably not. So it isnt true that plakats are true killers. Plakats have even been considered better breeders than long tailed males. And certainly if you have problems with a fin eatting female, then a plakat wont have this problem.